Framing Services


Initial offshore wind projects have been relatively small, in shallow water and relatively close to land, but as the industry has developed during the last decade, different installation methods have been necessitated by the individual challenges of each project location. The Beatrice Demonstration project illustrated that large offshore turbines can be installed in deeper waters, further from shore; the proposed zones for development in the next decade will provide the industry with even greater challenges.

Different types of turbines, foundations, and installation and maintenance vessels have evolved with development of the industry, which means that projects can be executed with a range of different installation techniques based on combinations of the type of foundation, vessel, and turbine used, and the specific challenges of the project location.

Offshore wind turbines are typically mounted on foundations and substructures. The design of foundations and substructures is influenced by various factors such as maximum wind speed, water depth, wave heights, and seabed geology. Four types of foundations are commonly used: jackets, gravity-based, monopiles and tripods.

The ORI will support the industry by providing advice on the deployment of foundations, substructures and turbines, and addressing the challenges of installing these structures in different conditions. The ORI will also work with wind farm developers to inform installation strategies considering various factors such as installation vessel type; project cost and completion timings based on using certain vessels; vessel intake versus turn-around time; charter cost, charter period; and mobilization and demobilization cost.

The Deployment theme will involve extensive interfaces with the Managing and Consenting themes, to ensure that the deployment strategies are appropriate for later operations and maintenance strategies, and also have minimal environmental impacts through designing installation methods that reduce disturbance to sea life.