Framing Services


The process of obtaining the necessary consents to develop an offshore wind farm typically requires at least 2 years of environmental data, to monitor the potential effects of a development upon marine life and other stakeholders. This can be problematic as there is uncertainty about the type and amount of data that are required in order to demonstrate that a proposed development does not pose a risk of creating harm. Additionally, there is great uncertainty about the possible cumulative effects of multiple large-scale developments upon the marine environment. Other stakeholder groups include fisheries, shipping, defence, aviation, leisure, as well as local residents onshore, and their requirements all need to be carefully addressed during the consenting process.

The ORI will use its wealth of knowledge based on research, and experience of participating in the consenting process for existing developments, to work with developers, regulators and stakeholder groups (such as Non-Governmental Organisations) to build knowledge and promote better understanding. The ORI will collect, analyse and interpret data from the offshore environment prior to and during construction and operation of projects, establishing baselines, and promoting understanding of legal frameworks that will enable timely, evidence-based consenting decisions.