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The ORI is a new research partnership between the University of Dundee; the University of Aberdeen; and Robert Gordon University focused on developing and delivering solutions to the offshore wind industry, in the North Sea and globally. The vision is to become the recognised global authority on the delivery and implementation of offshore renewable energy.

The ORI offers an interdisciplinary and integrated approach bringing together experts, researchers, and knowledge from different disciplines and all three university partners to confront challenges faced by Industry and Government in delivering and managing the offshore wind industry across four main themes.

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Wind Energy

Sector: wind

Capacity: 1,500MW

Outer Moray Firth

A joint venture between EDP Renewables and Repsol Nuevas Energias UK - plans to install 189 to 339 turbines over a 295km² area, with a total generation capacity of 1,500MW.

Outer Moray Firth
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Sector: wind

Date: 09/06/15

2 PhD Opportunities

2 PhD Opportunities available at the School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen

PhD 1: Structural health monitoring of wind turbines for damage detection

Wind turbines are exposed to frequent structural damage increasing the cost of wind energy generation. To drive these costs down, this project will develop new automated methods for detection and severity assessment of structural damage to wind turbines by examining vibration responses such as accelerations and strains measured by sensors attached to the structure. Dynamic responses will be used to detect damaged structural components (rotor blades, tower and foundation). Damage severity will be assessed using calibration of numerical structural models based on measured responses. Data for the research will come from computer simulations under different damage scenarios and experimental validation will be undertaken using physical models of wind turbines including laboratory and full-scale, in-situ structures. This research will pave the way for industry uptake of the automated damage monitoring technologies to increase wind turbine safety and reliability.

PhD 2: Structural health monitoring for optimization of the life-cycle costs and reliability of wind turbines

Many countries around the world, including the UK, have set ambitious targets for the amount of energy from clean, renewable resources, such as wind. As a result, wind turbines are increasing in size and numbers and are being built in remote locations, such as offshore. There, they are often subject to extreme loads and harsh environments leading to damage and impacting adversely the cost of electricity production. This project revolves around reducing the cost of wind energy production by better assessment of structural condition, safety and reliability and enhanced life-time asset management using structural health monitoring (SHM) techniques.
As offshore wind turbines are relatively new types of structures, there is generally dearth of knowledge about their long-term structural reliability and performance, and indeed there are growing concerns in the industry that the existing structures will struggle to reach their design life-span of 25 years. There is thus a strong interest in coming up with design and maintenance practices that would maximize the reliability and longevity of wind turbines in a cost efficient way. The project focus will be on quantifying and maximising the value of information derived from structural health monitoring via optimal integration of SHM into wind turbine asset management. The main objective is to develop an advanced methodology for probabilistic optimization of the trades-off between maximizing the structural reliability and minimizing the costs related to initial construction, inspections, monitoring and maintenance throughout the life-cycle of wind turbines. In simple terms, the methodology will answer the question: Should we build more expensive structures or cheaper ones but pay more for inspection and maintenance?

Please contact Dr Piotr Omenzetter Tel: +44(0)1224 272529 to apply and/ or for queries.


Sector: wind

Date: 16/04/15

FoundOcean awarded Gemini Offshore Wind Farm grouting contract.

FoundOcean has been awarded the contract to grout the 150 monopile foundations for the 600MW Gemini Offshore Wind Farm, on behalf of main contractor Van Oord. The project will be the first to use MasterFlow 9800, a revolutionary new material jointly developed by FoundOcean and BASF.

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